Astrologer’s Proof

Available June 1

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Astrologer’s Apprentice

Book 1 of the Astrotheologian Series

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The end might not justify the means.

Uncle Rufus does not intend to exploit Robert and his friends… or does he?

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Danger nips at the heels of knowledge.

Robert realizes his Uncle Rufus has fallen in with some very powerful people.

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David John Jaegers

David’s characters are dedicated to finding answers. Convinced that astrology can shine a light on whatever path a person chooses, they are more soulful than superficial, more rational than sensational, more emotional than cynical. They don’t want to tell you what to see. They just want to provide you with a brighter light.

Astrology is an organized empirical science that attempts to correlate the movements of the heavenly bodies with human behavior and events. It relies on observation.

Astrology is not religion, although it can enhance a spiritual journey by providing insights. As a self-knowledge technique, astrology encourages each of us to celebrate what makes us unique. It does not limit or predict. It expands and explains. Like the forces that underlie it, astrology is universal.

Open your mind to a new way to thinking. Join the quest.


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“Astrologer’s Apprentice skirts the edge of a variety of genres, but its overlying Christian theme will especially attract and interest those who like more than a light hand on the spiritual tiller.”

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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“A good start to a series, with durable characters and fascinating theories.”

–Kirkus Reviews

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“Blending the ancient art of stargazing with modern Internet culture, Astrologer’s Apprentice questions society’s traditional views of God and astrology.”
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Astrology Lights the Path to Heaven

July 1, 2018

Teaching his nephew Astrology is the first step. Recruit the hackers he needs to begin the revolution. He is ready to apply the scientific method to an ancient art.  The computing power is finally at his disposal and the data is coming together. FREE EBOOK now through Wednesday. Celebrate your unique qualities. Find your … Read more

Petition the Lord with Prayer

July 8, 2017

This passage from Astrologer’s Apprentice ruffled some feathers.  I was reminded of it while listening to Jim Morrison by the pool. “The next morning, Robert was awakened by the sound of Thomas and Rufus conversing as they worked to resuscitate the fire.  Light banter about the wonders of morning tea on the river soon gave … Read more

Donovan review of AP

June 1, 2017

Readers may not anticipate a spiritual and moral read in a title that mentions astrology and presents Book Two in a series; but one of the strengths of Astrologer’s Proof lies in its ability to surprise, and leading a new age-sounding book to a greater discussion of faith and transformations on more than one level … Read more

Chanticleer Review

June 1, 2017

David John Jaegers’ Astrologer’s Proof is all about the steps leading to utopia, involving both ephemeral and cosmic mechanisms, balancing on the edge of an ethical paradox. The science fiction/fantasy author Orson Scott Card wrote a book called Characters & Viewpoint in which he posited that all novels divide broadly into four different story types: … Read more

Kirkus review of Astrologer’s Proof

June 1, 2017

A group’s noble effort to validate astrology entails the rather illegal procurement of millions of people’s private information in this second installment of a series. Rufus is a sheep farmer by trade, but his real passion is astrology. He’s even written a book, in which his discussion of unified religions is supported by astrological science—including … Read more

Astrologer’s Proof

May 25, 2017

Taking astrology to the next level will require lots of data, but astrologers don’t exactly rely on data when they interpret a natal horoscope. Their explanations of human behavior and events sound more like science fiction than science, leaving many people understandably skeptical. There’s no objective way to test an astrologer’s predictions or prophecies.  Many … Read more