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Astrologers come in all shapes and sizes, with no particular race, ethnic group, political persuasion, or religious orientation represented more than another.

However susceptible astrologers are to stereotyping,





the reality is quite different.   This is a VERY DIVERSE group of people.



In my experience, regardless of the specific type of astrology and the level of expertise, astrologers share one thing in common.  They are humanists.  If you get to know them a little bit, you notice something.   They do their best to apply some version of a forward-looking philosophy with the intention of helping others, and most importantly, without imposing conformity.

Astrologer’s celebrate a person’s unique nature rather than suggest adherence to dogma.  This is what makes them so interesting and valuable.  This is their appeal.

I know this from the extensive sampling I have done during my book marketing campaigns.  Two paths have converged to bring me to my happy place, astrology and writing.  As I pursue the merger of inspirational fiction and astrological science, I work diligently through social media to reach my audience, a group I call the “astrology curious”.  My stories don’t require extensive astrological knowledge.  They require only a mind open to an idea, that it’s OK to wonder whether cosmic forces are more than awesome sunsets or twinkles of stars or beautiful moon rays of light through the clouds.

If you have occasion to meet an astrologer in real life or on social media, take it from me.  They are a pretty fine lot.   Some will offer you a reading of your natal horoscope.  Some will help you understand a current event in your life.  Some will offer interesting predictions for the future that apply to all of us.   But one thing appears to hold true.   Built into the science, as astrologers like to call it, is an essential willingness to help you along your own life path, with a reverence for your uniqueness and your resilience.  Astrologers better than anyone know the meaning of “this too shall pass”.





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