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Astrology: Innocent fun or dangerous game?


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The majority of “astrologers”, especially those who consider themselves “practitioners”, approach astrology with the intention of being able to gain an advantage on reality through prediction.  In my opinion, this is dangerous, for reasons too numerous to examine here. The desire to use astrology for prediction, and by extension, for manipulation, may actually be the best justification for a societal view that often borders on suspicion.  But what’s the big deal about counting cards in Las Vegas?

Religious people, naturally reliant on faith, tend to be shocked by anyone’s effort to gain an advantage reading tea leaves or progressing planets through a chart.  You’re just not supposed to do that.  Prayer is the path, not parsing though astronomical data and making strange associations with planetary movements.   Fascination with the Zodiac and horoscopes can actually evoke images of Greek mythology and Roman Gods.  Zeus and Aphrodite?  Mars and Venus?  It’s not surprising that many people label astrology as something sinister. Even I see how it can evoke an image of a sorcerer’s approach to life.

You would not believe how few astrologers are open about their habit.  Whether they are well-meaning personal growth advocates, or whether they are predictor-types trying to gain an advantage, they tend to stay in the closet.  One professional astrologer once admitted that the last thing he would bring up at a dinner party was the fact that he dabbled, for fear of the stigma.  Why deal with raised eyebrows all around, or the inevitable deluge of patronizing questions?

In my story, I emphasize foresight over prediction. I encourage Robert to study, and to be open to the possibility that astrological characteristics and conditions could influence his decisions in a certain direction.  That is very different than trying to predict a specific event or outcome.


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