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Astrology and Theology Mix

{“Now, to clearly profess why astrology plays such an important role for me, I must bare my soul. I have concluded, and truly believe, that the sum total of all human effort to glorify God, is God. All the gifts manifested in all the horoscopes of men, is God. Each person, each sinner, doing their best with what they have been given, is what God is. God is nothing more than the sum total of the goodness of men.”
He paused as if he had actually overwhelmed himself. He realized that his penchant for reductionism may have caught up with him. Were his statements sounding simplistic? Did they appear to belittle people’s personal concepts of God? Thomas and John did not seem offended in any way. They were simply blown away by Rufus’s theological and philosophical stamina.
“Forgive me for returning to what I don’t believe instead of what I do believe, but I do not believe in God the Father as a distinct deity, or entity, that will sit in judgment of us as individuals. In order to maintain a successful relationship with their maker, most humans down through history have depended on such an image of God. I understand the need to describe God as God the Father, an actual being. But, I personally prefer to believe that God is primarily the Holy Spirit, and that we are all part of the Holy Spirit. While we are alive, we are to do our best to love our neighbor as ourselves, just as Jesus taught. We are asked to rely on individual strengths and overcome individual weaknesses, but there is no individual God the Father, and there is no individual Rufus after Rufus dies. My soul will rejoin the universal Holy Spirit, which is God. Over time, the efforts of all the souls praising God leads to the perfection of God. Moving closer and closer to perfecting the love of God throughout eternity, both on earth and in ‘heaven’, is the idea.”
“. . . . ‘Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven’. These are the most important, but some of the least emphasized, words in The Lord’s Prayer. Heaven is already perfect. Our sacred obligation is to bring that perfection to man’s existence on Earth. That is our task. That is our call to action.”
“Time is infinity. There is no end. Final Judgment and Eternity don’t jive. I say ‘World without end, Amen’. Eternity’s already here. It’s continuous. Infinity doesn’t start after some finite event. This is it.”
“Well Rufus, I think you did it. Now I don’t have to buy your book.”}

(Excerpt from Chapter 18.  Astrologer’s Apprentice)


    • David John Jaegers says:

      Is that really you Terry? No … I can’t. Sorry for the slow response. Blogging has not turned out tot be the most productive way to market my novel, so I don’t check the comments that often. book Two is about to be published. It will not clear up the doom cloud, but it will entertain and enlighten.

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