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Astrologer’s Proof

Taking astrology to the next level will require lots of data, but astrologers don’t exactly rely on data when they interpret a natal horoscope. Their explanations of human behavior and events sound more like science fiction than science, leaving many people understandably skeptical.

There’s no objective way to test an astrologer’s predictions or prophecies.  Many people automatically lump astrologers in with psychics and tarot card readers. The association of astrology with occult and the supernatural is difficult to avoid, however unfortunate.

In fairness, however, there is a difference between astrology and its often unwelcome cousins. However primitive and anecdotal, the body of knowledge astrologers draw upon is ultimately scientific, in the sense that it can be traced to countless observations and correlations that were made by centuries of practitioners who came before.


The characters in Astrologer’s Proof are a new breed.  For them, astrology is an evidence-based discipline. It is not art or amusement. They value data and sample sizes. They employ algorithms and supercomputers. They seek correlations and statistical significance.

Serious approaches lead to serious breakthroughs, only made possible by the loyalty and dedication built into human relationships over many years. For Rufus and his merry band of data collectors, the end justifies the means because the end borders on Utopia.

To say it is so does not make it so. However, to live the struggles of the characters, as they doggedly pursue answers, does bring this grand astrological experiment into a realm of possibility the reader will not be able to stop thinking about it.


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