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Celebrate your own unique nature.

Astrology celebrates each individual’s unique nature. Religion seeks the ultimate generalization. Astrology relies on knowledge, gathered by the many, and focused on the one. Theology depends on the teachings of the One being interpreted by and for the many. Each discipline has its purpose, but they are the Yin and Yang of personal salvation.
No matter how astrology curious, the average person is not equipped to discover and conduct an analysis of all the celestial influences on his or her life. If an expert is consulted, things become complicated very quickly, because the answer to the question helps only one person. The “reading” is a custom product, and like any worthwhile custom product, it can fetch a hefty price. There is no “one size fits all”, easy approach to astrological enlightenment, which means that for the masses, however compelling its potential for the serious “do it yourselfer”, it may be impractical.

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Religion has its own problems. How can we generalize the core principles to the nth degree and then apply them to a heterogeneous population of people, personalities, and cultures? Unlike astrological interpretation, a diligent pursuit of religious truth involves seeking the smallest common denominator of belief. We are looked upon as “the flock”, yet we generally disdain the essential characteristics of sheep. The belief system has to be conveniently packaged and generalized to suit each and every member of the congregation. It’s not the time for individuality. The Christian Existentialists are not the ones filling the pews. The “faithful” are asking the pastor to direct their thoughts and prayers. The service is a guided celebration of theological communism, not a love fest of uniqueness, all thoughts of gaining a relatively better place in heaven aside, of course.
As the world becomes a more complex place, and the truth is diluted in a stream of opinions too easily expressed, due to the proliferation of communication technology, religion tends to struggle. In an environment of increasing entropy, individual truths take on greater importance while generalizations fall flat. It’s no wonder that young people are having difficulty embracing their parents’ religions.

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