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Donovan review of AP

Readers may not anticipate a spiritual and moral read in a title that mentions astrology and presents Book Two in a series; but one of the strengths of Astrologer’s Proof lies in its ability to surprise, and leading a new age-sounding book to a greater discussion of faith and transformations on more than one level is just one of its many diverse surprises.

From the beginning, Astrologer’s Proof holds compelling reasons beyond faith alone for why the characters are involved in an astrological quest: “Thomas didn’t really care about the details of astrology, but he genuinely supported the quest. He was a disciple because he shared Rufus’s belief that the implications were enormous.”


Christian theology, philosophical reflections, and hidden agendas combine to impart the flavors of a thriller, a reflective religious story, sci-fi, and more. This means that readers who anticipate a new age novel about astrology may be disappointed and could even be challenged by the various currents running through Astrologer’s Proof. Others who appreciate depth and contemplative stories designed to enlighten as well as entertain will find that it holds plenty of fine insights that move from family relationships and apprenticeships to repairing broken lines of communication: “For Rufus, the most poignant aspect of returning home was grappling with how to restore a sense of trust with Robert. Although it could not have been anticipated, Rufus had stretched their bond to the breaking point. His nephew had a right to be disillusioned…Pursuing Jacob’s plan without the support of his young apprentice was not the course Rufus preferred. He had to find the key that would open a door he never thought would be closed.”

Because the story is as much about the keys to connections as the doors that lead to psychological and spiritual revelations, readers receive a story with all the action-oriented qualities of a thriller, but with an approach that elevates it to something far more than an account of one-dimensional relationships and their evolution.

Under David John Jaegers’ pen the story winds its way through the social and political evolution of a philanthropically significant organization on the track of a greater truth and purpose in life. Although a healthy dose of intrigue holds the story together, the inclusion of Christian undertones that lead to a unique astrological discovery makes for an unusual approach that will delight readers who look for stories a cut above the ordinary and predictable.

Familiarity with the prior book, Astrologer’s Apprentice, is suggested but not necessary for a smooth introduction to this ongoing saga, highly recommended for new age and astrology readers interested in more philosophical and spiritual considerations than most astrology novels offer.


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