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Book 1 short description with clickable link to the page that's all about the 1st book

“Book One of the Astrotheologian series tells of teen Robert, who undergoes a vast change when he moves from a comfortable suburban prep school world to the country, where an eccentric uncle’s passion for astrology rubs off on the impressionable young man.

But what seems a crazy passion turns into something more deadly as Robert begins to discover that his uncle’s special brand of spirituality holds some insidiously-dangerous results.

It’s difficult to easily brand this story: with elements of a coming-of-age saga mixed with Christian and new age overtones and spiced with the overlay of a thriller tempered by moral and ethical questions, it holds the ability to cross genres and appeal to a wide range of audiences, from readers seeking stories of young adult personal and spiritual evolutions to leisure reading audiences who want elements of theological discussion in their reading.

Astrologer’s Apprentice skirts the edge of a variety of genres, but its overlying Christian theme will especially attract and interest those who like more than a light hand on the spiritual tiller. Connections between astrology and conventional religion are explored (“Astrology has offered me a framework for understanding what God wants me to do with my life. When I was born, I was given gifts, attributes, qualities, talents. That can mean strengths, and depending on how I handle it, can mean weaknesses. So how do I use that knowledge to help me praise God? By realizing that my share of the gifts is only a very limited part of the total gifts that God bestows, I embrace humility. You and your father also have your own limited parts of the total gifts. Each person’s obligation to God is to do his best with the gifts he has.”) as Robert searches for answers, asks questions, and questions his uncle’s path in life as well as his own future.

From the sacrifices involved in a collaborative research project and a treasure hunt across some fifty states to the kernel of sane truth in seemingly mad pursuits, Astrologer’s Apprentice calls much into question and uncovers the basic elements in lives well lived, their underlying belief structures and influences, and most of all, the choices involved in accepting the gift of transformative knowledge.

Robert finds his life changed by his pursuits, and readers along for the journey – particularly those who enjoy theological discussion and astrology mysteries – will relish their travels in Astrologer’s Apprentice, a hard-hitting novel wrapping elements of a mystery and thriller with greater questions about morality and belief.”

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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