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Terrorist Ticket to Paradise

Terrorists are incentivized by the belief that killing infidels in the name of God earns them a ticket to Paradise.  By the way, an infidel is anyone who doesn’t believe in their religion.  Uh-oh.

This author recently wrote: “What you believe defines you. It does not have to be ‘correct’ or even ‘real’.”  This is true for everyone from atheists to fundamentalists, and everyone in between, eastern, western, many gods, or one god.

A terrorist believing that he or she will be rewarded for carrying out evil deeds is obviously a bit extreme, but think about it. Many religious people do the things they do at least partly because they expect to be rewarded. Beliefs do not have to correct, or even real. Ask a crazy person with a gun.

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During a morning news cast after the horrible atrocity in Nice, a well-know news anchor asked the question, with considerable anguish in his voice, “why do they do this?”  I was so happy to hear that sincere question, instead of the usual BS about which politician does or does not use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”.  It doesn’t matter how you label it, as long as you face up to WHY many terrorists are so unafraid to die.

Whether they are delusional criminals borrowing the argument, or whether they are sincere practicing Muslims, terrorists believe that their physical bodies are restored in the afterlife, and that the pleasures of “heaven” are not only spiritual, but tactile.

Islam has a Judgment Day, as does Christianity, but radical jihadists adopt a special, convenient interpretation.  They blow themselves up believing that a warrior who dies fighting in the cause of God is ushered immediately to God’s presence.  They don’t even have to wait for Judgment day, like the everyday Muslim, or the everyday Christian. They get to go to the front of the line.


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