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Big Data Has the Answers

Rufus wants to settle it. He has the connections, the hackers, and the computing power to compare the astrological charts of 100,000,000 Americans to the events of their actual lives. Are astrological forces real or not?

Under the cover of the Institute for Humanistic Innovation, Rufus and his Data Collection Group are prepared to implement their secret plan. Elaborate hacking schemes and unlimited computing power will enable them to build a database so extensive that the answer will be irrefutable.

When the constant pressure of deception in every direction begins to engulf his very soul and threaten his family, Rufus is forced to make adjustments.

Chanticleer Review

David John Jaegers’ Astrologer’s Proof is all about the steps leading to utopia, involving both ephemeral and cosmic mechanisms, balancing on the edge of an ethical paradox. The science fiction/fantasy author Orson Scott Card wrote a book called Characters & Viewpoint in which he posited that all novels divide broadly into four different story types: Milieu, Idea, Character, and Event. He dubbed these categories the “MICE” Quotient, and each sets up specific expectations in the reader. Within that framework, Astrologer’s Proof qualifies as an Idea novel. It is Book 2 of the Astrotheologian Series, a metaphysical techno-thriller trilogy in which … Read more

Donovan review of AP

Readers may not anticipate a spiritual and moral read in a title that mentions astrology and presents Book Two in a series; but one of the strengths of Astrologer’s Proof lies in its ability to surprise, and leading a new age-sounding book to a greater discussion of faith and transformations on more than one level is just one of its many diverse surprises. From the beginning, Astrologer’s Proof holds compelling reasons beyond faith alone for why the characters are involved in an astrological quest: “Thomas didn’t really care about the details of astrology, but he genuinely supported the quest. He … Read more

Kirkus review of Astrologer’s Proof

A group’s noble effort to validate astrology entails the rather illegal procurement of millions of people’s private information in this second installment of a series. Rufus is a sheep farmer by trade, but his real passion is astrology. He’s even written a book, in which his discussion of unified religions is supported by astrological science—including the concept that everyone’s life is guided by heavenly bodies. Rufus’ ideas earn him an invite to the Data Collection Group, which hopes to authenticate astrology by linking real-life data with horoscope predictions. This requires a colossal amount of information, as specific as possible. Hacking’s … Read more