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Why Astrology?

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What exactly is Astrology?  The very word provokes a myriad of possible impressions.  For me, Astrology is an empirical science that relies on data.  Observing how closely human behavior correlates with cyclic changes in the universe is an example of an activity that produces data.  Big task you say?  An enormous task, one that most people would say has zero chance of achieving a level of credibility in a modern scientific world.  Astrology can be as simplistic as attaching significance to a Sun Sign, or it can be overwhelmingly complex, involving sophisticated measurements and calculations intended to predict the future.

Trying to convince someone that Astrology is anything more than a subjective pastime may be pure folly.  I seldom attempt to do so.  I made an exception in Robert’s case.

Astrology is consistent with the human condition.  It reinforces the notion that no two people are alike.  It is the antithesis of “one size fits all”.

What exactly is Christianity?  The core belief is clear, that Jesus Christ has offered a compelling model for human behavior.  For many people, His teachings elicit a powerful sensation that Life has profound meaning that may even manifest itself after our physical life is over.  Have there been any observations made about Christianity over the last two thousand years?  Of course there have, billions upon billions.  Like Astrology, religion has an empirical component.  But most will agree that Christianity rests mainly on Faith.  It begs the existence of knowledge that is Supreme compared to that which can be possessed by a mortal human.

Christianity is consistent with the human condition in the way it offers comfort to every person, that we are all God’s children, each with an equal chance to fulfill ourselves by adhering to a set of Divine principles.   We are each capable of our own interpretation of religious teaching, but we are not necessarily encouraged by “the church” to pursue individual interpretations.  Some Christians are uncomfortable with this notion.

I know I cannot prove, nor do I need to prove, the existence or character of God.  I rely on Faith.  But I think I can prove that astrological forces, whatever their origin, are real.

We’ll see what happens,


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